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Check Lululemon’s “We Made Too Much” Page

When searching online for Lululemon sales, it’s important to understand the brand’s vernacular. You won’t find any page that clearly advertises a “Sale” section.

However, savvy shoppers know that the brand’s “We Made Too Much” page is exactly that. Here, you can find deep discounts on Lululemon’s excess inventory, often to the tune of 50% savings or more.

This page is available under the “Women”, “Men”, and “Accessories” pages. From leggings and joggers to sports bras and hoodies, it’s all here, and the discounts are generous. While you won’t usually see some of the brand’s best-sellers, such as the Align Leggings, on here, it’s ideal if you’re open to finding a new, go-to favorite.

Especially if you don’t have a particular item in mind, this can be a great way to save a little money on your next purchase. You can sort the items by price, and can even funnel the results based on how much you want to spend.

One of the best parts about these pages? They’re extensive!

You can scroll to the bottom and think you’ve seen all there is to see, but the page will refresh to showcase even more items. It updates every Thursday morning, so you can rest assured you’ll always find plenty of variety.


Each Lululemon store is a franchise. This means you might notice that some items are priced differently at your local shop than they’re advertised online. Often, they’re a little higher or don’t reflect current discounts and promotions.

Before you complain to customer service, simply show your checkout associate the online price. They’ll match it according to their policy, so you can check out for less.

If you visit a store first and then shop online, take pictures of the price tags on the items you really want. Then, see if those numbers line up with what you see on your screen. If the in-store item is cheaper, simply send the picture to a Live Chat representative.

They can adjust the price you see online, so you’ll feel better about clicking “Add to Cart”.

Check Nationwide Inventory

Are you looking for a new pair of your coveted high-rise yoga pants? Your heart might sink to find that they’re sold out in your size at your local store. If your store is running a sale, these items tend to get snatched up quickly.

Don’t lose heart! Simply go onto the Lululemon website and search for the product online. Then, click “Check All Store Inventory”.

This will bring up a window that shows the Lululemon locations closest to you, by zip code. While the default is a 50-mile geographical reach, go ahead and expand that to 75 miles. You might find that a store a few towns over has the item you want at the price you can afford!

If that’s the case, call that store directly. Request that they process a “Send Sale Order” over the phone. This means they will ship the marked-down item right to your doorstep, and you never have to leave your house!

Strategize Your Sale Tactics

There’s no clear-cut answer to the question, “When does lululemon have sales?” These markdowns happen periodically, and it’s important to be prepared. As you shop, resist the urge to buy something simply because you see the slashed-out discount price.

To get a good deal, aim to save around 30% or more on each promotion. While this goal is achievable on common items like bras and accessories, you might find that it’s nearly impossible to save that much on hot-ticket items, like Lululemon leggings.

Still, if you can achieve these savings as an average, you’re on the right track! You can stay on top of new discounts by downloading the Lululemon app.

Pay Attention to Holidays

No, you won’t strike it rich by saving money at Lululemon on Black Friday. Unlike electronics manufacturers and big-box stores, the brand isn’t too keen on cutting prices the day after Thanksgiving.

However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them on special holidays. They do hold special promotions on certain occasions, such as the day after Christmas. Known as Boxing Day, this day is one of Lululemon’s biggest sale days of the year.

It’s common to find prices cut by up to 50% when this day rolls around. However, keep in mind that the best deals will usually be on the less-popular items, such as the brightly patterned workout tops and bags. If you’re crossing your fingers that your beloved pair of black leggings will be on sale, be sure to follow your local store on Facebook!

Most will post about upcoming deals and seasonal events on social media, sharing insider details to keep their followers in the know.

Find Your Next Lululemon Sale

Few brands can beat Lululemon when it comes to high-quality, durable workout clothes. We’ve entered into an era where leggings are now considered appropriate substitutes for pants, and we’re all here for it.

If you want to score major savings on your favorite pieces, keep your eyes peeled for a Lululemon sale! Even if your local store isn’t currently cutting prices, you can find savings online if you know where to look.

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