Razor Scooter Glow & Go Block Party FREE!

Razor Scooter Glow & Go Block Party FREE!

Razor Scooter Party!

Who wants to host a FREE Razor Scooter Go and Glow Block Party? If chosen to host, you will receive one of three light up scooters to show off around the block. Tryazon is choosing 100 people to test out wither the Sonic Glow Electric Scooter, RipRider 360 Lightshow or the Flash back Scooter. Each Razor Scooter lights up and plays sounds while riding around. Even better this whole thing is FREE just in exchange for a review and pictures.

Click the link below to apply to host a Razor Scooter Block Party. Just fill out the form with your information. Select which product you would like to review. Additionally select a second choice and share what social media platforms you are on. Then wait to see if you are chosen to host this party. And 100 people will be sent an email and a FREE scooter to try out. Tryazon always has free opportunities with a wide range of products. So there are plenty more to apply for!


All three of these scooters are for kids 5 and up. There are two normal looking scooters that light up and make sounds. And one that your child can sit in and ride around. This is perfect if you have free time and want to get into reviewing free items!