Showerhead With Removable, Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker HOT PRICE at Walmart!

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Walmart Major Price Drop on Bluetooth Shower Head!

Walmart has a hot deal on this Showerhead With Removable, Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker. This Bluetooth speaker is rechargeable and has up to 6 hours of use. Additionally you can easily make and connect to calls with the touch of a button. Plus this connects to smart devices like Alexa or Google. Easily enjoy showers with surround sound of your favorite music or podcasts with this two in one shower and speaker combo.

You can now grab this deal on a Bluetooth shower head at an AMAZING price ONLINE at Walmart!  Usually costing almost $50 you can now score this deal for only $15!  You can check your stores to see if it went on clearance in stores to!   Grab this deal with such a HOT price!   Grab this deal directly from our shop now button below!