How To Find Glitch Deals! – Step By Step Guide!

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How To Find Glitch Deals!

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How to find glitch deals?  That is a question we often see. Every website is different when it comes to finding glitches. Some glitch with discount codes and some you don’t even need one. Here is a breakdown of how to find glitch deals.

Every time a store comes out with a new discount, figure out how to make the discount take effect. Whether it’s following exactly what it says or going on your own path. To find glitches, you will need to add items in and out of your cart, random items that you think may work, there is no harm in trying.

Examples of Glitches:

  • 3 years ago, Macys was giving away $10 gift cards to each person who watched their holiday video, it was supposed to be 1 per person, per phone number, but it was giving up to 10 $10 gift cards per number with random emails ( they text you the gift card so the email did not matter ).
  • Every Sunday night at 12 am PST, Target puts out their new weekly ad, but often they have overlapping deals ( same with Victoria’s Secret for only a few hours ). Target also has deals that gift you a $5 gift card when you purchase a certain amount of that product, but often they include an additional $5 gift card when deals overlap.
  • With Victoria’s Secret last week, when you purchased a bra and undergarments you got a free perfume worth $52 to $58, but online when you added only a bralette worth $18 and a filler item ( a cheap item to set it over a certain amount ), it glitched and gave you not only the free perfume but a free tote! This happens all of the time. VS will never get their ish together lol.
  • Walmart glitches with online prices, sometimes in-store. When you searched for an item with a zip code in a whole other state, it would often show up cheaper, you would add it to your cart for the cheaper price, and when you go to set your pick-up location, change it to your own and the price when stay, but it is a YMMV thing ( Your Mileage May Vary ), meaning your store may cancel your order because they noticed the price error or it was out of stock.
  • With Kmart and Sears, they have a program called Shop Your Way Rewards. With SYW, they often glitch. You will get surprise points, surprise points have restrictions, so you will need to follow their guidelines. They can send you $6 off $6 for Sears, but not Kmart. They often glitch with giving out points, they will say ” Buy this TV for $100 and get back $100 in points”, but they may glitch is give you $300 back instead. You have to just test and search around. For example, a few weeks ago, when you purchased a $15 play doctor set for kids, you got back $45 in points. When making multiple SYW accounts, use different names, with not-so-similar email addresses, different phone numbers if any, different addresses, and different birthdates. If you have a problem with not receiving your points and you have to call or email, they will only find 1 account and won’t make you choose between the two or combine them.

I also advise, that you only use Gmail. Gmail emails glitch with companies more often than not. For example create at least 5, ayanthe1, ayanthe2, ayanthe3, etc. With some companies when you do the dot trick, you get more rewards on your account. Kmart was giving out $10 off $25 coupons for new members. So all you had to do was sign up and keep entering a.yanthe1, ay.anthe1, aya.nthe1, etc. and all of the rewards will go to the same account.

Buyer Beware

With glitch deals, you need to be extremely careful when using your own card. After you place the order, they may take out the full amount instead of the discount. This is why you should always have prepaid cards ( burners ), that have any amount on them, but not too much. Also, check out with PayPal, when you check out with PayPal the amount is set and they can’t go and charge you an additional amount. It’s also easier to get your money back with PayPal.

This is becoming extremely long, so with that being said, we will be posting glitch deals with a breakdown on how to do it. All you have to do is read and follow directions. IF YOUR ORDER GETS CANCELED, DO NOT EVER CONTACT THEM! Unless it has been a reasonable amount of time, and you still have yet to receive your refund. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to admins or any other member.


Here is the very simple things to do when searching for glitches on IG.

1. Hashtags. Here are some simple hashtags to search for and find great deals. Glitchmafia, glitchmafia2, and rundeal. You can also search for anything you feel would be related to your search. Some people actually tag those stores which is a huge no-no, but you can possibly benefit from that.

2. Follow the right people. There are people who don’t share deals unless you scratch their back first. Giving them items there are iso is a huge start. Keep all DMs of your conversation with them on your messages and do not delete them. Follow people who post often and have great deals. It does not matter if they have over 1,000 followers or under 500, the smaller ones often are the best, because not too many people have seen their deals/glitches yet. You can set it up so whenever they post, it will notify you.

3. Make sure your page has posted. Doesn’t matter if it is coupon-related or personal, if you are a ghost follower ( just made the page, no followers, no pictures) , 6 out of 10 times, you will not be added to a couponers page that is private.

These are all very simple and easy and will take a bunch of scrolling, but will ultimately pay off in the end.

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