How to Save Money With a Chuck E Cheese Coupon

Chuck E Cheese is an American Institution that has been around for 45 years, and it shows no sign of stopping. The chain is a favorite of children and adults alike, so you’ll have a hard time finding anyone who will turn down a Chuck E Cheese coupon.

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got several that you can choose from—from discounts on pizza to free game time to free eTickets, the Glitchndealz app is your one-stop shop for having a blast at Chuck E Cheese on a budget and saving money at retailers all over the country, so download it today and take a look around!

Read on to find out how to download the app and start saving at Chuck E Cheese today!

Get the App and Get Chuck E Cheese Coupons

In order to start earning reward points, you’ll need to first download the Glitchndealz app and the Chuck E Cheese app, which can be found in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. After that, you’ll be able to download and redeem all kinds of great Chuck E Cheese coupons.

If you like saving money while satisfying the little ones’ appetites, let’s take a look at a few Chuck E Cheese coupon codes that you can take advantage of once you’re an officially registered customer!

Get 500 Free Tickets

That’s right. As soon as you download the Glitchndealz and Chuck E Cheese apps, you’ll be able to redeem 500 free tickets.

You’ll already be on your way to the best toys in the shop before you’ve even stepped foot in the restaurant.

Pizza Tuesdays

We’re not sure about your kiddos, but the ones we know like pizza just as well on Tuesdays as any other day of the week. Once you’re registered, you can redeem a coupon to get two large one-topping pizzas for only $22.

Unlimited Gaming for 60 Minutes on the Cheap

Are your kids big-time gamers? Chuck E Cheese has got exactly what they want with VR games, skill games, first-person games, or they (ahem, you) can even go old school on some pinball.

With this coupon, you can get a full hour of unlimited game time for only $18 on Wednesdays. Just think, moms! You can eat your pizza in some modicum of peace! Come on, Wednesday!

Best Birthday Ever

Every kid dreams of having a Chuck E Cheese birthday party, amirite? Look no further because the birthday kid will get 3,000 (yes, 3,000) free tickets with the purchase of an Ultimate Fun birthday party package.

Free Reward Points for Showing Up

Maybe the best Chuck E Cheese coupon of the bunch – you can have free money just for hanging out! Download the Glitchndealz app and earn $1 reward points for every dollar you spend at Chuck E Cheese if you check in online with their mobile app.

What Are You Waiting For?

We’re almost surprised you’re still reading this! Take a look at what Glitchndealz has to offer and start earning Chuck E Cheese coupons. You’ll be saving money on pizza, games, and even getting free tickets for the kids!

It’s always a plus when you get to make precious memories for and with your children – it’s even better when you can save money along the way.


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