Special Kitty Cat Litter ONLY $1! HOT HOT Walmart Clearance Deal!

Special Kitty Cat Litter

Special Kitty Cat Litter

 Special Kitty Cat Litter РThis cat litter was found IN STORE at Walmart for ONLY $1! This is a clearance deal so YMMV!

Walmart.com – Use a moisture proof cat box large enough To accommodate your pet.Maintain cat box filler at a depth Of 2-3 inches for pawing & covering.To be assured Of proper sanitation & your pet's comfort, it isrecommended that waste areas be removed daily. Store in a dry place.This product can also be used for oil absorption in driveways & for tiretraction in winter driving conditions. Used litter not recommended forgarden use. Cats are clean creatures by nature. As an owner you shouldencourage your cat's good habits by providing it w/a sanitary, well keptcat box. The cat box should be cleaned each week w/a solution Of hotwater & ammonia for best sanitary results.

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This is an IN STORE deal so YMMV! SKU# 10315649